Whistling Sisters Brewery

Packaging Design

Whistling Sisters, an urban brewery, was transitioning from bottle packaging to cans but wanted to preserve their brand recognition. The challenge was to maintain the essence of their existing bottle labels while infusing a fresh and distinctive appeal to the new can designs.

To maintain brand recognition, I carried over the block colours and diagonal wrap-around shapes from the original bottle labels. These elements served as the foundation for the new can designs.

A dominant metallic strip, resembling metal welded onto the can, was introduced to convey the brewery’s industrial aesthetic and emphasising their brand experience.

While sticking to a core colour for each beer style, I modernised and enhanced the hues to ensure that they stood out in the competitive market. The colours were refined to give the can labels a fresh and contemporary look.

By carefully preserving essential brand elements and infusing a modern industrial aesthetic, the new can labels not only met the client’s objectives but also set a strong visual tone for Whistling Sisters’ products in the market.