Strawberry Sour

For this project, I had the exciting opportunity to design a craft beer can label for a micro craft brewery in Wellington. The client wanted a label for their summer release, a refreshing strawberry sour beer brewed in small batches on-site. The challenge was to create a design that exuded a summer vibe while appealing to the young and trendy audience in Wellington’s bustling craft beer community, renowned for its passion for innovative brews.

My approach involved blending a retro theme with a modern twist. I wanted to capture the nostalgic feeling that strawberries evoke, transporting the consumer back to carefree picnics and summer memories. To achieve this, I illustrated a strawberry mascot, adding a playful and nostalgic touch. The vibrant and bold colour palette further enhanced the design, infusing the label with an energy that perfectly complements the delightful strawberry sour beer within.

In addition to my role as a designer, I took on project management responsibilities, ensuring the successful execution of the entire project. I closely liaised with printers, overseeing the printing process and meticulously checking over proofs to guarantee the label’s flawless production. I also facilitated the product photography by collaborating with a photographer.

To ensure the beer’s best representation for promotional materials, both in print and digital formats, I provided the photographer with a detailed visual brief outlining the desired aesthetics and capturing the essence of the design. By overseeing these aspects of the project, I ensured the final product was not only visually captivating but also aligned perfectly with the brewery’s brand vision and appealed to the audience it aimed to reach.