Branding | Logo Design

Reach is an Auckland based marketing agency that specialises in connecting brands and products with their target audience across New Zealand. The challenge set before me was to rebrand Reach, elevating their visual identity to stand out in the competitive marketing industry. With a determination to craft something truly distinctive, I designed a concept that would humanise the brand and create an authentic connection with real human experiences.

At the core of the rebrand is a bespoke letter “R”, which intertwines with a fingerprint. This approach aims to emphasise the essence of Reach’s expertise – identifying and understanding human behaviour. It also symbolises reaching those individuals with marketing strategies that are tailored to their needs and preferences.

The fingerprint became a powerful representation of Reach’s mission, signifying the uniqueness of every human interaction and experience. To further reinforce the human-centric focus, the use of imagery prominently featured real people. This approach added a personal touch to the brand’s communication, resonating deeply with their target audience and fostering a sense of authenticity and relatability.