Nudairy Cheese

Packaging Design

The Nudairy’s Cheese Packaging Design aimed to create an otherworldly experience for customers of this plant-based cheese company. The goal was to design packaging that not only conveyed the brand’s environmental values but also appealed to children with a playful outer space theme.

The core concept behind the Nudairy’s Cheese Packaging Design was to create an enchanting and playful outer space aesthetic that would resonate with children while maintaining a strong connection to the brand’s values.

Each cheese variation was assigned a central bright and bold colour, making it visually distinct on the shelves. These colours served as a vibrant backdrop for the playful outer space theme.

Space themed patterns were also created for each cheese variant. These patterns added a touch of enchantment and fun to the packaging, engaging children and sparking their imagination.

The choice of a playful and friendly font added to the overall charm of the packaging, making it approachable and appealing to a wide range of consumers.

Bespoke vector drawings were used as symbols to convey essential information, such as the dairy and gluten-free status of the products. These drawings made the packaging informative and relatable to both children and adults.