Manuka Wellbeing

Packaging Design

The Manuka Wellbeing Honey Packaging aimed to create a visual identity that would serve as the defining essence of Manuka Wellbeing’s premium, ethical and environmentally conscious honey brand. Beyond simply selling honey, the objective was to craft a designs that would distinguish their products in a competitive market.

The designs needed to harmoniously blend historical roots with contemporary elegance. To achieve this, several key design elements were considered. White was chosen as the dominant packaging color due to its association with health, cleanliness, and a high-end product. It radiates purity and resonates with the brand’s premium quality.

To differentiate each type of honey within the product range, a distinct shade of green was assigned to each variant. Green, symbolizing nature and growth, complemented the white labels and conveyed the honey’s natural origin.

Illustrations of native New Zealand plants were incorporated to further distinguish the different honey types. These illustrations not only pay homage to the brand’s roots but also provide a visual cue for consumers to identify their preferred honey variant easily.

The overall design approach embraced minimalism, emphasizing clean lines and simplicity. This minimalist aesthetic added a touch of sophistication and elegance to the packaging, aligning with Manuka Wellbeing’s premium positioning.