Leithen Valley

Publication Design

Leithen Valley is a renowned destination in New Zealand, celebrated for its world-class trophy deer hunting experiences that captivate hunters and nature enthusiasts from around the world. When tasked with creating a brochure for Leithen Valley Hunting, I aimed to encapsulate the essence of this remarkable location, its pristine landscapes and the high-end hunting tours it offers. The result is a visually stunning brochure that immerses readers in the beauty of the New Zealand wilderness while conveying the elegance and exclusivity of the hunting experience.

To showcase the breathtaking landscapes of Leithen Valley, I employed sweeping full-spread images that capture the rugged beauty of the region, from its lush forests to its majestic mountains, ensuring that potential clients can truly envision the adventure that awaits them.

Complementing these images are carefully selected pull-out quotes and captions strategically placed throughout the brochure. They serve as touchpoints that engage the reader and guide them through the brochure. I chose an elegant yet bold serif font that aligned with the premium services.

To harmonise with the natural surroundings, I chose a rich forest green colour palette. This earthy tone not only reflects the pristine wilderness of Leithen Valley but also evokes a sense of serenity and connection to nature. Complementing this, a cream stock was selected for the brochure, lending a classic touch and creating a tactile, premium feel that aligns with the high-quality experience that guests can expect.