Ginger Rush

Packaging Design | Creative Direction

Ginger Rush is an alcoholic ginger beer and celebrates the artisan approach of the client’s brewery. Nestled in the heart of Wellington city the brewers took inspiration from the eclectic world around them, creating a harmony of flavours in their beers. When designing the label for this beverage, I chose to convey the similarities between alchemists and brewers by illustrating the magic of combining ingredients in order to create something unique.

The strategic application of metallic foil in the design serves as more than just aesthetics. It creates a visual symphony, orchestrating every individual element with precision. Through this choice, the brewer’s philosophy is emphasised — that each ingredient, whether a bold ginger root or a subtle clove, contributes to the creation of this brew.

The shimmering elements are highlighted even more with the use of a dark matte back drop.

I collaborated closely with a photographer to set the stage for the release of Ginger Rush. My creative direction was to evoke a sense of magic, elixir and mystique that harmonised seamlessly with the Ginger Rush brand. The result was a series of captivating photographs that captured the essence of alchemy at play, where each image reflected the brewer’s artistry. By collaborating with the photographer, we ensured that every shot told the story of Ginger Rush, inviting consumers to embark on a journey of taste and wonder.