Flow Physio

Website Design

The website I designed for Flow Physio complements the logo’s vision, exuding a sense of flow, care and professionalism. Developed using WordPress and Elementor, the website represents the client’s commitment to providing a top-tier user experience.

Together with the client, we carefully curated a color palette that harmoniously represents Flow Physio’s brand identity. The use of a dark blue, a lighter powder blue and a soft terracotta pink evokes a blend of health and medical expertise, while infusing the website with a caring and compassionate atmosphere. Strategically using white space, the website adopts a clean, uplifting and modern aesthetic.

The typography style of elegant serif headings align with Flow Physio’s approachability and compassion, while also contributing to the overall high-end feel.

Photography is thoughtfully integrated into the website, allowing visitors to gain a genuine insight into Flow Physio’s practice. This visual representation conveys the clinic’s commitment to building trust and connection with potential clients, assuring them of the quality of services offered.