English Bitter

I teamed up with a boutique brewery that were releasing a limited edition English Bitter beer. My role was to transform a seemingly standard beer into a visually captivating product that attracted customers from its position on the shelf. I was also tasked with capturing the beer’s traditional English roots and touch on its historic significance in the realm of brewing.

To bring the beer’s history to life, I strategically incorporated the iconic English rose as the focal point of the packaging. The English rose exudes a sense of regality, symbolising the classic style and national status of the beer throughout the history of brewing.

Traditionally stored in barrels, I embraced the historic brewing method through a medieval inspired font, which evokes a sense of heritage and timelessness. This font choice complemented the beer’s profile, capturing its longstanding presence in the world of brewing beer.


To add a touch of prestige and regal allure, I utilised gold foiling, reminiscent of royal insignia and the captivating copper hues of the beer itself.

I also used red foil to accentuate the roses, adding an elegant contrast against the black label background. The black backdrop sets a dramatic tone, further amplifying the beer’s classic charm and creating an aura of mystery and allure.

The final design brought the English Bitter Beer to the forefront of the craft beer scene, captivating consumers with its majestic and historic appeal. By artfully marrying traditional and modern design elements, I transformed a seemingly standard beer into an extraordinary and visually captivating experience, all while paying homage to its classic roots and national heritage in the world of brewing.