Cardrona Experience

Marketing Collateral

The Cardrona offers a thrilling adventure for tourists seeking the perfect blend of adrenaline and natural beauty. This brochure is a vibrant invitation to discover the exhilaration of horse riding and quad biking amid the stunning surroundings.

Bold and attention-grabbing, the brochure’s colour scheme of bright orange and deep charcoal was strategically chosen to ensure it stands out prominently on the shelves of tourist information centres. In a sea of brochures, this design attracts customers and conveys an exciting adventure that’s as bold as its design.

Bright imagery acts as windows for the readers, transporting them to Cardrona Valley and invite them to take part in this adventure.

Diagonal shapes are used to reflect the steep terrain of the Cardrona Valley and gives the overall brochure movement and excitement, mirroring the services on offer.